5 Favorite Garage Gadgets

For those who spend loads of their time in the garage, either working on their cars or honing another skill or hobby, certain technologies and gadgets are essential; to keep your garage comfortable, organized and safe, and just plain modern and cool! Here are the hottest products on the market that will take your garage from ordinary to extraordinary.

Cooling Sensors

Comfort is key when designing your garage to be a space to create or even hang out. In climates where your garage gets hot, muggy, and unbearable, it’s essential to treat this space like any other of your home. While humidity sensors are typically used in the house, they are also great in a garage. A product like Leviton Humidity Senors, activate ventilation when it detects high levels of humidity that can potentially cause harm to the structure and you. It prevents and monitors mold and mildew, and can be set to run for different intervals of time so that you are not spending a significant amount on the energy it takes.

Smart Garage Door Controls

Have you ever wondered if you left the garage door open when you left for work? Exposing all your valuable tools and stored items for any onlooker to view? Have you returned from work knowing you closed the door but that someone else had left it open? Put your anxiety to rest by installing the MyQ-Garage that allows you to control your garage’s door right from your phone at any time. You can even choose your notification settings to notify you when your garage door is opened or closed. This device is easy to install and is compatible with most garage doors manufactured after 1993.

Lifting and Storage Device

For those hyper-organizers, we have just the suggestion for you. Since you have maximized your space by mounting things on your garage’s roof, pat yourself on the back, you might want to protect your spinal health by employing this technology to do the heavy lifting for you; myLifter. MyLifter is a system of mounts that can be activated and told what to do using your smartphone. Lift and lower objects with ease, like lawn mowers, bikes, and one and two person boats.

Motion Sensor Lighting

An oldie but a goodie, motion detecting lights are one of the simplest and best security and personal safety measures you can take. They are also the most affordable and we are suggesting the current best on the market, the 60 Watt LED Daylight Bulb with Motion Sensor. You can install this great safety and security measure inside and outside your garage, and it will light your way every time it senses movement for 40-60 seconds at a time.

Say Goodbye to Bugs and Unwanted Visitors

The IdeaWorks Instant Garage Screen is a mesh screen solution that is difficult to see through from the outside but easy for you to see through. It keeps bugs out and allows you to enjoy the weather, including the soft breeze that you will still get through the screen. The beauty is that it costs less than $30.00!

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