5 Spring Home Maintenance Must-Dos

March 20th marks the beginning of Spring and for many homeowners, the beginning of your Spring cleaning routine. Here are 5 must-dos to maintain your home, avoid costly repairs, and save you a few headaches this coming Summer.

  1. Inspect Your Roof

Exposure to heat can also damage your roof, but it’s extremely important to walk the perimeter of your home in the Spring to check for any structural damage caused by the elements of winter. Walk the outside of your home looking for any discoloration, loss of shingles, holes, or other damage and also, walk through the inside of your home checking for any cracks in the wall, slanted ceilings or floors, or signs of leaking. If your home’s roofing material is older, you may want to set aside a budget for gradual replacement and if you ever see a sign of damage, call a professional and have it fixed right away.

2. Clean Your Gutters

Gutters are equally important to the integrity of your home. Walk the perimeter of your gutter system and look for any damage or ways you can optimize your current system. Next, you’ll want to use a sturdy ladder to look inside the gutters and clear any and all debris that has collected over the past season. All downspouts should point well away from the foundation of your home, so that melting snow and water do not penetrate the walls.

  1. Chimney Care

Having a chimney is certainly a charming feature to have in your home, however, it needs routine maintenance and Spring is the best time to get it in tip-top shape. Examine the chimney from both the outside and inside for any damage that may has occurred in the past season and have a certified chimney sweep come clean the flue and professionally inspect the structure. Consider updating your current system with products that keep returning migratory birds and animals from nesting in any of your chimney’s cavities, or waterproofing products that protect your home’s structure from the rains of Spring.

  1. Service The AC Unit

Especially if you live in an extremely hot climate, you will want to call a professional to inspect and service your air conditioner before it works very hard this coming summer. A heating and cooling contractor can clean the AC’s coils so that it operates more efficiently. You, as the homeowner, can take responsibility for changing the interior air filters on a regular basis for the remainder of the year.

  1. Service Your Lawn Care Equipment

Ensure all your lawn care equipment is working properly and filled with fuel. Cleaning and sharpening lawn mower blades will make your job much easier this Summer.

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