Before You List Your House For Sale Should You Replace the Roof

Before You List Your House For Sale Should You Replace the Roof

The market is still pretty tough for sellers. It is absolutely a buyers market. There are a few things that you can do to attract buyers and beat out the competition. Buyers are savvy and they know what a value it is when they get a home with a new roof.

Homeowners make some major mistakes when they are trying to enhance their property to entice buyers. They focus their attention on the wrong things. It is fine to fix up, paint and add some attractive landscaping but when you have stiff competition it is important that you really put your best foot forward with your house and stand out from the pack.

A new roof can do that for you!

Home Warranty

How much do you think it would improve your chances of selling your home if you could transfer over a roof warranty that would give the buyers peace of mind? In all likelihood it would be a huge selling point.

Having a new roof means that your buyer will not have to worry about repairs or replacement for years and years. This can be a huge selling point and it may also be a necessity.

Your Liability

If you sell a house and do not disclose structural issues or roof damage you may be held liable for the repairs. If you try to sell the house “as is” to avoid disclosing that there is a problem with the roof, good luck.

The market is such that buyers do not need to resort to “as is” condition. It is also a huge turn off to anyone that is looking for a house to buy to have to consider what is wrong with an “as is” property. Most people will not even look at a property that has that terminology listed in the ad because they are afraid of what they are getting into and rightfully so.

When you put your money where it will make the most difference and do the most good it will help you to sell your home at a higher price with the peace of mind to know that you are not passing on any issues to the buyer.

Get the Full Value

Why settle for less than you property is worth because you are having some roofing issues? You will easily make back the investment of a new roof when you sell your home.

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