Benefits Of A Color Roof

A cool roof top is a roof system that provides higher solar reflectance (the opportunity to reflect the obvious, infrared, and ultraviolet wavelengths of your direct sunlight, reducing temperature transfer to the building) and better thermal emittance (the chance to radiate absorbed or non-reflected solar energy) than every day designed roof items. Historically, cool roofs happen to be either bright white as well as other lighter shade colors. Nevertheless, that vibrant has evolved recently by introducing residential cool roof top items like Landmark Solaris and Presidential Solaris that could obtain EnergyStar® competent amounts of solar reflectivity even during dark, rich shades.Cool roofs can also improve roof top longevity and reduce both building air conditioning loads and the metropolitan temperature island effect.

How It Works

The majority of the roofs on the planet (including over 90% of your roofs in America) are dark-colored. In the heat from the full sunshine, the outer lining of a black roof top can surge in heat by over 100 °F within the ambient temperatures, reaching temperature ranges around 190 °F. This surge in surface temperatures can contribute to:

Higher air conditioning electricity use and higher bills

  • Decreased indoors convenience
  • Faster deterioration of roof parts, improved roof top routine maintenance charges, and high amounts of roof waste sent to landfills.
  • Increased top electrical energy demand (the highest electricity load a power utility experiences to supply buyers instantly, usually experienced in summer season late afternoons as organizations and houses turn up their air conditioners), higher electrical energy production charges, along with a potentially overburdened power grid
  • Higher air pollution because of the intensification of your “heat island effect.”

Any building using a dark-colored roof top will use much more electricity for air conditioning than the usual “cooler” building – stress on both operating charges and the electric power grid. Cool roof top items like Landmark Solaris shingles, Presidential Solaris shingles, and Cool Star commercial cool roof items provide both immediate and long-term cost savings in building electricity charges. The EPA reviews that cool roofs can:

  • Decrease electricity use: A cool roof top transfers significantly less heat to the building under. Hence the building remains cooler and employs considerably less electricity for air conditioning.
  • Decrease air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions: By cutting down electricity use, cool roofs reduce related air contamination and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Improve individual health and convenience: Cool roofs help reduce air temperature ranges inside buildings with and without air conditioning, helping prevent heat-connected diseases and fatalities.

Our Landmark Solaris and Presidential Solaris shingles are perfect examples of home cool roof items that offer an increased artistic attractiveness. Need a roof specialist? Contact us for more information and avail our services now!

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