Can’t Discover Where The Roof Is Leaking?

Knowing you do have a roof structure problem is usually apparent once you see the water spot in your ceiling. However, it might be more challenging to pinpoint the main cause of the problem. You could assume your shingles are at fault, but it can be missing flashing around a chimney, as well as other entry points, that’s enabling the water to get inside your attic room. When inside the attic room, water can flow along rafters and other horizontal surfaces, rendering it hard to find the precise entry point.

If shingles are missing, broken, or else destroyed, water can, over time, start to leak to the home. A leak will start small and slowly cause plenty of problems if your warning indication is disregarded.

Water entrance may also be a result of an ice dam. Ice dams are created from the continual thawing of snow on the rooftop’s warmer portions and refreezing on the cold eave. The ice dam could cause water to back up under shingles.

If your roof structure doesn’t have an ice & water underlayment mounted beneath the shingles, you could be experiencing spills. Do something against Ice Damming this winter with our convenient manual.

You may need to use expert roofer support to identify your leak problem. Our roof expert will help locate the main cause of the problem and assist in finding an answer. Need a roof specialist? Contact us for more information and avail our services now!

Potential indications of a leakage:

  • Water spots in your ceiling or walls.
  • Missing out on shingles.
  • Cracked or destroyed shingles.
  • Absent or destroyed flashing or boot covers to roof structure penetrations.
  • Water spots or moist roof structure decking (noticed throughout the attic room).

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