Getting A New Roof Installed Soon? Here’s What To Expect…

Are You Ready for Your New Roof? What To Expect!

The day is nearing for your new roof install! How excited are you? You picked out the materials, got the color you want and are ready to say bye bye to your old roof. There are a couple of things that you can do to insure that your roof goes up without a hitch.  Of course there are a few things that you should expect as well and you may want to plan accordingly.

Getting prepared for the roofers may be as simple as letting everyone in the household know not to block the driveway or it may mean having to move things around from the side of the house for easy access. Taking the steps below will insure an easy install.

  • Attic Fans
  • Turn off attic fans!
  • Clear the Driveway

The roofing professionals will need to park in your driveway so that they can have easy access to the work truck to unload materials and get to the truck quickly in case they need to replenish materials or grab a tool.

Ask everyone in the household to please move their cars into the garage or upcoming mobiles 2017 on to the streets. Of course for safety sake it is also a good idea not to have the cars parked in the driveway “just in case”.

Clear the Perimeter

Any items around the building will need to be removed. Roof work can be hazardous and to avoid things being damaged it is important that nothing is left up against the building or in close proximity. It is also necessary to keep the path around the building clear for easy access for the roofers.

It’s Loud

The noise will be consistent and loud! Nail guns and other equipment will be used in the process. If noise bothers you, you may not want to stay home during the work hours.

Pets and Children

Roofing happens in a couple of stages. There may be debris coming off the roof that may wind up on the lawn or in the backyard. Every precaution is taken during the process to insure that all safety measures are taken but there are occasions when roofing materials will be on the lawn until the clean up occurs for this reason please keep children and pets indoors away from the perimeter of the house.

Your Satellite TV

If you satellite TV is mounted on the roof it may have to be removed which of course would leave you without TV for the duration of the project.

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