Information About Residential Roof Energy Tax Credit


Homeowners may be eligible for a Federal Tax Credit for setting up Our ENERGY STAR® qualified roof covering goods.

Review of Tax Credit

Beneath the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018 that was signed in February 2018, numerous tax credits for residential energy efficiency that expired at the end of 2016 were renewed. Tax credits for nonbusiness energy property have become designed for goods placed on the taxpayer’s major residence inside the U.S. ahead of January 1, 2020.

To be eligible for the credit, the qualified roof covering product will need to have been bought and placed into service in the applicable tax year by using an existing home (not new construction) that was your main residence and that you owned. The house also needs to be located in the USA.

You may claim a tax credit of ten percent of the expense of the qualified roof covering product.

Even so, your overall credit cannot go beyond the lifetime limit of $500 for all those tax years after 2005. The installation fee will not be contained in the tax credit calculations. To receive this tax credit, you should complete and send IRS form 5695 (Residential Energy Credits) with the Federal Tax Return. You can trust Our Certification Statement for verification which a product qualifies for the tax credit.

Manufacturer’s Certification Statement

The manufacturer’s Certification Statement is a signed document furnished with the Manufacturer attesting which a product qualifies to the tax credit. The homeowner should keep a copy of this document for their tax records but will not need to send it with all the federal tax returns. 

ENERGY STAR® Roof covering Product Program Requirements

Low Sloped Roofs (surfaces with a slope of 2:12 or much less): Initial solar reflectance in excess of or similar to .65 and three-year aged solar reflectance in excess of or similar to .50.

Steep Sloped Roofs (surfaces with a slope in excess of 2:12): Initial solar reflectance higher or similar to .25 and three-year aged solar reflectance in excess of or similar to .15. Contact us for more information and avail our services now!

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