Know the Great Things About Solar Reflective Shingles?

Solar reflective shingles and solar reflective roof covering membranes can be an essential element within a building system created to lessen total building energy consumption and the influence the home or building has on the environment.

Solar reflective shingles are considered to have surfaces that primarily reflect considerably more IR radiation than usual roof structure surfaces. Infrared radiation is a spectrum of light that produces significant quantities of heat on roof structure surfaces. Solar reflective shingles are explicitly made to lessen the absorption of your sun’s infrared rays by reflecting IR rays off the roof structure’s surface, therefore not allowing the warmth to get transferred to the inside of your structure (i.e., the attic space within the roof structure). By reduction of the volume of this heating transfer, solar reflective shingles and solar reflective roofing, on the whole, can keep building interiors colder, therefore minimizing the utilization and strain on HVAC products, particularly in hotter environments as well as in summer months.

Besides the possible energy-saving positive aspects that solar reflective shingles could have to get a building, research about the degradation of roof covering membranes over a variety of several years has demonstrated that heat in the sun is one of the most potent factors impacting longevity. Increased temperatures and big variants seasonally or day-to-day on the roof covering levels are harmful to roof structure surfaces’ longevity. Decreasing the extremes of temperature change will minimize the occurrence of damage to the roof covering systems. Using solar reflective shingles and solar reflective roof covering products that reflect ultraviolet and primarily infrared rays will lessen the harm caused by u/v and heat degradation.

We certainly have many solar reflective shingles from which to choose in various color and style choices to go well with a selection of different home designs and elevations.

The Landmark Solaris series can be found in many well-liked ENERGY STAR® rated color choices, which are virtually indistinguishable and have been recently rated a client “best buy” coming from a highly highly regarded client newsletter. The solar reflective shingles signify a niche cutting-edge inside the technological innovation, attaining 40% solar reflectivity, definitely the very best amount of reflectivity inside the asphalt shingle industry.

The Presidential Solaris group of shingles attributes solar reflective roof structure surfaces that accomplish ENERGY STAR® criteria and unique Luxurious-style shake substitute shingle. Similar to Landmark Solaris Gold shingles, Presidential Solaris Gold shingles are virtually identical in looks to the very same shingles without the solar reflective roof covering the area.

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