How To Make Your Roof Last You Years and Years

Whether you are inheriting a roof of a newly purchased home or have just replaced a roof entirely, you will want to maintain the integrity of what you have. Like keeping your car maintained, all that is truly required is a little extra attention to it. Take the following 4 steps regularly to keep your roof doing its job efficiently and most cost effectively.

Monthly Visual Inspection

You don’t have to be a professional to view potential problems with or risks to your roof. Taking time monthly to step outside and note any excess debris, damage, gutter condition, and fungi or growing plant life can insure you catch and fix any issues as early as possible.

Make Repairs Early

Some home repairs can afford to wait. This is not the case with roofs. Damage can spread quickly when the integrity of a roof is made vulnerable, so you’ll want to make repairs or schedule an inspection with a professional as soon as you see a risk during your monthly visual once-over. Even small things such as misshapen shingles should be replaced as soon as it’s seen.

Trim Nearby Trees

Large trees near a home pose a threat to the roof because strong winds and storms can cause a tree’s branches to puncture the roof. Trees pose threats to other parts of your property as well like sheds and vehicles. You’ll want to trim any large outward limbs regularly or call your local tree trim service to ask questions or schedule an inspection. It’s always a great idea to form these relationships early and have their numbers on hand.

Take Care Post-Storm

It’s just as important to inspect your roof after a storm to look for damage caused by wind, debris and tree limbs. Damage can be symptom-less for some time indoors, so it’s important to get outside and see for yourself the condition of your roof regularly and after storms. As previously stated, even the smallest of repairs should be made. Be sure you are seeing the entire roof at each angle so you don’t miss anything! This is how your roof will cost you as little as possible and last you years and years to come.

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