How Well Does Metal Roofs Do In Winter?

Performance of metal roofs during winter period

One of the most challenging times for a home’s roof is during the winter months. The snow and ice builds up which can damage the roof. Metal roofing is the best solution since it tends to be energy efficient. It can turn into a nightmare if you experience roof damage during the winter period leaving you without a warm home to take refuge due to the significant damage. The ice and snow are the worst damaging cold weather elements. With a metal roof, the home owner does not have to worry about the destruction that comes with ice.

performance-of-metal-roofs-during-winter-periodAdvantages of metal roofing

Since metal roof has a smooth top surface, the heat that comes from the sun is capable of passing through the snow when the sun shines. Consequently, the ice on top of the roof melts. Since the ice and snow will melt from the bottom of the roof, the snow and the ice will shed very fast from the roof. If the snow accumulates and melts in a uniform pattern along the roof, it means your home is fairly energy efficient. Metal roofs are designed in a special way to shed ice and snow without causing any damage to the gutters. Secondly, metal roof does not allow accumulation of ice dams and heavy snow loads.

Using metal roofing to get rid of ice dams

Ice dams come as a result of freezing weather. They may look quite beautiful since they hang on the eves of the house but they can be very dangerous. They can loosen shingles or tear the gutter which can result in water pouring in the house.

Insulating the metal roof

If your roof is not properly insulated, ice dams can form. In addition, the ice can melt and get in o the house. This insulation maintains consistent temperature and humidity level within a building while helping to conserve energy and expand the life of the roof.

Comparing metal roof with other roofs

Since wet snow can weigh as much as over 62 pounds per square feet, it can be too heavy for other roofs to handle. This can result to the roof sagging. Once the roof bows downwards, there are high chances that it will become weak and can result to leakage. Other roofs tend to accumulate lots of ice and snow. Homeowners can come up with a temporary solution where they can rake off the snow and ice from the roof. They only solve the problem for the short term. However, they are likely to damage the roof with the rake. In addition, they can take the shingles off when they rake the ice and snow.

If you are looking forward to replacing your roof, installation of a metal roof should on top of your priorities to curb the winter season.

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