Should a Mossy Roof be a Reason for Concern?

Knoxville Roofing: The Unpleasant Reality Of A Mossy Roof!

Moss is not good for your roof. Some homeowners like the green tinge and may think that there is nothing more to it than just a cosmetic hue. Some people like the rustic feel of the roof. The truth is that moss doesn’t enhance the curb appeal of your home, neither does it impact the resale value nor does it augur well for the roof itself. Moss is a threat to your roof.

Moss will obstruct the natural flow of water down a slope. When there is too much moss on the roof, it would hold enough moisture or water that there can be severe leaks. It can also lead to decaying of the roof. As moss prevents the water runoff down the slope, it either holds onto the moisture or forces water to runoff sideways. At times, moss can do both. With accumulated water and moisture laden moss the weight or pressure exerted on the roof increases. Accumulated water then starts to seep through the shingles or membranes. In effect, you have a leak.

Moss alone isn’t responsible for leaks. There are many other factors. While those factors such as a broken or missing shingle, gapped flashing and others can cause leaks on their own, the trouble becomes much more serious when moss adds to the problem. If moss starts to cause a leak in your roof, it needs to be checked immediately and not only should you fix the leak but also get the moss removed. Allowing moss to accumulate on your roof will cause leaks eventually and in the process will facilitate roof decay. You should not allow structural damage to your roof, which will cost you more to repair than fixing a leak.

Moss has the ability to invade the roofing materials. You may have shingles or planks. Moss would wheedle its way into the materials, creating leaks, gaps, small cracks or dents. In effect, moss would make your roof vulnerable to mold growth as moisture would seep into these dents and holes. You may eventually have to get your roof replaced if you don’t get rid of the moss.

You can remove moss with the help of a garden hose that has a spray nozzle and a scrub brush with a long handle. You may be tempted to use a pressure washer but that is unwise. If you are uncertain whether or not you can pull off the job, then just hire a professional.

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