Prevent Unwanted Critters From Dwelling In Your Home

It’s recommended that you inspect your roof monthly and after storms to look for damage before it escalates into a costlier repair. While you inspect the roof from every angle, you should also look at the entire exterior of the home including under porches and around gutters. These are common nesting places for stray cats, birds, and other animals. Take note of any areas that look like there might be animals dwelling, such as where there is materials gathered or an opening animals might be inside. Also take note of any areas you think might be a potential dwelling place so you can take next steps to prevent the critters from being attracted to it.

Seal Openings

Use appropriate materials to seal any openings around the exterior of the home. Be sure to inspect interior rooms that evidence of animal dwelling can also be found such as the attic and basement. Any cracks, broken windows, or leaks should be addressed immediately. The chimney is also a common point of entry for animals to get inside and dwell. Chimney topper products make a great investment and usually deter all the larger creatures.

Eliminate Food Sources

Animals love to get inside garbage cans and pet food bowls, so buying tight fitting garbage can lids are a must. Clean up your pet food as soon as your pet is finished eating. You can also purchase bowls with lids for feeding, and be sure to keep any perishable pet and human food items stored in the garage in airtight containers as well.

If the creatures that are currently dwelling in your home or are attracted to your home are feeding on bugs that have entered the home, you need to first address the bug issue. If you decide to use pesticide or chemical means to rid yourself of them, be sure to try the least toxic products first and go from there. The State Wildlife Agency can help you determine which threats are most common in your area or state. This can help you further prepare for infestation and prevention. Common critters that damage homes are bats, birds, rats, raccoons, rodents, skunks, snakes, and squirrels. Common bugs are termites, carpenter ants, bees, wasps, and anything that nests.

It’s important to keep the interior of your home, mainly the kitchen as clean as possible so that the bug’s food source is also scarce.

Before You Attack

Before you attack an infestation on your own, be sure your aware of any ordinances protecting the species threatening your home. If you choose to use a home-use product, read and follow all instructions potential risks involved.

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