Process Of Checking The Roof

Things To Search For And Whenever To Get in touch with An Expert

To many of us, take our roofs with no consideration — it’s not one thing we think about unless there’s a problem. But when your home’s very first line of defense against the elements, the roof goes through a great deal of deterioration, so you must execute an annual visual evaluation in your property upkeep routine. Through giving the roof a short assessment, modest troubles won’t result in massive catastrophes.

Here’s a simple list to determine if your roofing is in good shape.

Things To Search For

Checking the roof does not mean walking above the roofing. Roof top walking is harmful and much better left to the specialist. So first things first, stay off the roofing!

In safety in the ground or via a window, perform a visual evaluation in the roofing with binoculars. Keep in mind: A roofing is designed to age over time. One-year-old roofing will be different from roofing, which had just been set up. But by examining the roof regularly, you can locate changes and potential problems.

Look for shingles lacking or loosened, or display warning signs of heavy wear or degradation (bald places, granule loss, or significant curling), because these are considered weak points where water can enter and cause leaks. While it is standard for asphalt shingles to experience some curling, significant or unnatural curling are indications that the shingles are concluding the useful life.

Receiving A Closer Inspection

Following a preliminary evaluation in the ground, a closer inspection may be required. Safely and securely ascend a ladder to have a much closer look at your roofing. But stay off the roofing itself — not merely is it harmful to walk above the roofing, but you can even potentially do more damage to the shingles.


After looking at the roofing externally, it’s time for you to examine things on the inside. Using a flashlight, check the attic space and crawl places after heavy downpours. Would you notice any warning signs of water damage and mold? Are any one of the rafters or decking damp? Has any one of the insulating materials received dampness? These are generally all signs that the roofing may leak.

Obtain The Right Support

When you notice any harm, do not spend time and energy trying to repair the problem yourself. Employ a credentialed licensed contractor to check the roof and maintenance the trouble effectively correctly. Many will do this at no cost for you.

For ideas and information about getting a credentialed roof specialist, check out our step-by-step manual.

Checking out the roof now is a straightforward means of avoiding failure later – so check the roof at least once a year, preferably twice, to help keep your property pleased and healthy! To understand more about the life cycle of any roofing, check out our homeowner’s brochure. Ought you need new roofing. You can explore a world of design and color alternatives by visiting our Creativity Gallery. Need a roof specialist? Contact us for more information and avail our services now!

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