The Progression Of Building A Brand New Home

The process of building a home might be different if you ask several different home owners or builders, but the outline for building is generally the same. Experiences might be different across the board because of re-arrangement of tasks due to weather, changes in blueprint or design, or challenges that arise.

Laying The Groundwork

A crew will clear the site for the home to be built; clear the trees, rocks, and sometimes an existing septic system. After that, the ground should be made level and the framework of the foundation and footings of the home are built. If a well will be put in, this is the time the foundation and footings are made for this structure as well. Concrete is poured and left to cure, and any basement plumbing has been put in. Waterproofing measures are made at this time. All construction up to this point will need inspection before carrying onto the next step.

Rough Framing

Rough framing is the skeleton of the house. After the framing is put up it’s covered by plywood or “sheathing” that keeps water from infiltrating the structure and causing the wood to rot or mold while it’s being finished. This is when all the plumbing, bathtubs and shower units, and HVAC (heating, venting, and air conditioning) duct work and vents are put in. Once the roofing is complete, the structure is considered dry and the electrical “guts” can be put in. More inspections will take place on these systems.

Insulation and Walls

Insulation is added to the walls, dry wall is put up, and the rest of the internal fixtures continue to be finalized. Then the exterior walls can begin getting finished. Brick, stucco, and siding is put on the outside of the home.

Finishing Touches

The last of the tasks it takes to build a home can happen almost in any order. This is the time different companies and servicemen can be working on installing driveways and walkways, flooring, countertops, and the last of the bathroom fixtures.

Landscaping and Curb Appeal

If seed needs to be planted for grass, rock beds installed around the home, small bushes and trees planted for growing this will be the last thing before a final walk-through with the homeowner is done.

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