Restoring or Getting Rid of Your Old Chimney

Reasons To Remove A Chimney

Chimneys often run vertically through an entire house, causing rooms to be much smaller than they could be. For the price it would cost to hire a professional to remove a chimney (a couple of thousand dollars depending on your geographic location and project size), the work is best done by hired help unless you have a lot of time and patience because it requires the one-brick-at-a-time type of work. Many brave and determined D.I.Y.ers have successfully removed the chimney brick by brick but pay for it if they don’t do their research first. The soot itself can ruin close and carpets. A professional will know all the steps to take your chimney out efficiently. Things to consider even after the removal, are repairing your roof where the chimney once was and replacing the wall.

Reasons To Restore A Chimney

A chimney adds charm to any house and can raise your resell value if restored and/or modernized properly. One of the most common problems with chimneys is deterioration; damaged or fallen bricks from being under maintained over the years. There may be cracks in the crown of your chimney that need addressing immediately because it is the access from the outside of the home to the inside and makes the rest of your chimney vulnerable to the elements. These common problems can be addressed by the homeowner or a professional, but a professional can give you the best advice on replacements and modern technology that maintains your home and budget-friendlier. Like a plumber or roofer, you should always be willing to take the preventative measure of having a professional look over these assets once or routinely just to build the relationship and have their numbers on hand.

Products you should know about that may not be a part of your chimney structure now are, from the outside in…

Chimney Rain Caps

A rain cap is a metal, cages like topper that comes in many shapes and sizes. It’s installed on top of your existing chimney crown and keeps animals such as birds and bats from easily entering the home via the chimney. It’s also an added deterrent from rain entering the home and damaging any brick.


An aerolator is meant to replace the heated or cooled air usually used to fuel your fire. The reason you want a different source of air than the air already in your home is that you pay for that air to circulate or be cooled or heated. An aerolator uses air from outside the home to fuel your fires and cut costs.

Crown Coating

Crown coating is a water-proofing lining product that is applied to the inside of the crown and chimney chute to further prevent water and other damage to the brick.

All of these products and processes are things to consider when you’ve got a less than ideal chimney situation in your home. Having or not having a chimney is a matter of preference that is probably split down the middle, so decide what you want and do it right! Either way, you will be protecting the integrity of your home and increase its value with your effort.

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