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Roof Colors: Top 5 Tips to Pick the Best One for Your Home!

If you’ve ever had to choose what color to paint your home, you know how difficult it is to make a good choice for your roof colors. It’s possible to find the entire spectrum of the rainbow in the shades you can paint on your roof. You have to feel content with your choice for 20 to 30 years, so make sure you follow these tips to help you choose the right shade for your family!

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1. You need to compare shingles to your brick.

If you really dislike the color of your shingles, you can always change them with some effort. The brick, however, is a different beast all on its own as its a permanent fixture of your home. You should start by looking at sample shingle colors, then move to the pain for your roof colors when you’ve made the decision for your shingles.

2. You need to talk to a roofing estimator.

It’s a professional roofing contractor’s job to know the best colors to use on your roof and siding. They’ve seen many houses, worked with plenty of clients, and understand a home’s structure well enough to help you make an informed choice on your decision. As a bonus, you can hear their estimate and see if your ideas fit your budget.

3. You need to see your roof colors in all forms of lighting.

You should look at your samples during the day, dusk, and night to see how the shade reacts to light. Your color may look beautiful in the morning sun, but look drab when the moon comes out. If you need to be absolutely certain, you should place your sample next to your brick and siding colors to see if they make a cohesive, aesthetic experience.

4. You (might) need to consider resale value.

If you’re unique, you stand out from the crowd, but it can be a tough sell to buyers. Your unconventional roof color may affect the value of your home since being different isn’t in everyone’s interest. It’s best to understand that you should pick a neutral shade if you want to sell your house in the future. On the other hand, choose whatever makes you and your family happy if you know you’ll stay a long time. A distinct color can give a place a beauty that won’t be found anywhere else.

5.  You need to take your time.

You might want to to make a quick decision since it’s tough to deal with an extra job on your plate. It’s best to remember that a new color sticks with you for years, so commit the time in the present, rather than deal with the anxiety again down the road. I’m sure you’ll make great choices in your roofing endeavors!

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