Roof Holiday Decor Safety

As the holiday season draws near, we flock to the local store to purchase our favorite decorations to bring the spirit of Christmas alive. We purchase lights, or inflatable figures. When we get our decorations home, it is time to start installing them. It is this time of the year that we are at a higher risk of bringing harm to ourselves. Accidents do happen and it is wise to maintain a safe work environment when installing your decorations. Below you will find a list of tips that will help you stay safe this holiday season.

holiday_safety_preventing_hazards_from_christmas_lights-2No shock

That’s right, as the name says. “No shock.” Far to often we are at risk of being electrocuted and or worse our loved ones being electrocuted. This can be prevented with some basic preparations when we lay out our lights, or extension cords. Let’s focus on these two more closely.


It is no shock, or surprise that the power may vary depending on the item in use. Example the lights or extension cords may be limited to a certain power or amperage. It is also wise to make sure each set of lights, or extension cords are marked for outdoor use. If you look at the label of each item, it will give the amperage, as well as the location it is meant to be used.
It is also wise to know your environment and proceed with the understanding of how one will effect the other. Example, a location that experiences snow, is likely to present a risk of electrical shock if exposed to the melting ice. Another common risk is the overloading of electrical outlets. We all want to be able to use all out favorite decorations, but we must do so wisely.

Will it fail you?

The power alone is not the only risk. We are always faced with dangers and a lot of the time, we wander blind and are unable to see them for what they are. Example, a ladder that is old and well used. These may appear sturdy and have never failed you before, but you should be sure it does not have any cracks in the legs. This is part of what supports you high above the ground. This risk is far higher when you are using a wooden or fiberglass ladder. The most wise choice is an aluminum ladder. This can hold up to the elements and secure your safety long after the neighbors have crumble beneath their own less sturdy ladders. Don’t laugh, they could be very hurt.

High above

The risk is far greater the higher you are from the ground. Some have gone to lengths of safety preparation, such as tying a robe around their waste of anchoring themselves to the roof to prevent sliding or stop themselves from plummeting helplessly back to Earth. It is wise to anchor all decorations to the roof as well. This will prevent any risk of harm when others walk below.

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