Solar roofing

Solar Roofing: Sustainable for your home and wallet

Solar roofing is a great way to both be sustainable and save money on your energy bills! Solar panels are installed on the top of solar roofs. These solar panels collect solar power from the sun, which can then be used for various tasks around your house, such as heating up water or powering electronics.

Solar roofing offers many benefits that you won’t find with traditional roofing materials. For example, solar roofs are made out of tile or metal shingle material that looks similar to traditional shingle roofs. This means that they come in a variety of styles and colors so you’ll never have to worry about it looking tacky or out-of-place on your home’s exterior. And because they’re made out of solar panels, solar roofs are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Furthermore, solar roofs actually add value to your home so you’ll be able to sell it for more if/when the time comes.

Solar roofing is a great way to give your house all of these benefits without having any negative impact on its appearance or curb appeal. In fact, solar roofs are so aesthetically pleasing that many people actually prefer them to traditional shingle roofs.

Solar Roofing Process

The solar roofing process is simple, too: solar panels are installed on your home’s existing rooftop and connected to the solar grid via a power inverter. Depending on how much energy you want generating by solar roofing, this connection can be plugged into a solar energy meter that will measure the amount of solar power you create and use.

Solar roofing is an amazing way to reduce your carbon footprint, save money on your utility bills, and give your home all kinds of extra benefits by making it both sustainable AND aesthetically pleasing!

How Much Do Solar Roof Tiles Cost?

It varies depending on the solar tile, but solar roofing prices can range from $12 to $26 per square foot. That’s a wise investment: solar roofs are known for lasting decades longer than regular tiles!

Solar Roof Tiles vs Solar Shingles

Another term you may have heard is “solar shingles.” For many years, they were one and the same as solar roofing—but now manufacturers produce both products. One difference between solar roof tiles and solar shingles is that solar tiles are made with tempered glass which makes them more durable in extreme weather conditions like hail or heavy rainstorms; another difference is that some types of solar shingle installations require the removal of your old rooftop while others do not.

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