Solar Shingles are the Future!

Knoxville Roofing: Solar Shingles are the Future! Renewable Energy Solution with Curb Appeal!

Your roof is one of the most crucial installations in your home. It is one of the more expensive investments, it plays a key role in securing your property and it has several utilities beyond just being a protective cover. A roof needs to be insulated. You may opt for weather guards, foam or any type of insulation you want. You may take proactive measures in your attic or insulate the roofing deck before installing a new roof. Whatever you do, the objective is to have an energy efficient home with a sturdy roof that would stand the test of time without you having to spend on frequent or infrequent repairs and maintenance.

knoxville solar shingles-2In an attempt to cut down on energy consumption and to have a great roof, you can opt for solar shingles. We are not talking about solar panels that are not so aesthetic, certainly heavy and they don’t really fit into most budgets. Conventional solar panels make a property look less of a home and more of a science shed for experimental purposes. They are very heavy and not ideal for homes. They don’t really come cheap. Solar shingles on the other hand are being subsidized by state and federal governments. They are effective at generating sufficient wattage of energy. They would enhance the curb appeal of your home and you would also get a huge boost in making your home energy efficient.

Why not use the sunlight that troubles your roof to your advantage, generate your own electricity and get a sturdy roof that would last a really long time? The only deterrent here is the cost. Solar shingles may not cost as much as traditional solar panels but they still cost more than metal, rubber or asphalt roofs. They can be an expensive investment if you have not planned for it for a while. If you have the money, then you can make an overnight decision in favor of solar shingles. Else, you should plan it.

The best time to think about solar shingles is when you are eyeing roof replacement, reroofing or when you are getting a new roof in your old or new property. The prices of solar shingles are poised to drop further. Solar shingles are becoming slimmer, lighter, they would be easier to install and maintain and new materials are being used to make it easier to integrate panels with roofing shingles.

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