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Sounds Coming From Your Roof?

Are you hearing sounds coming from your walls or roof? Most of the time, the cause will be nothing too serious and can be easily remedied on your own. Here are common sounds that you might be hearing above you, in your roof or attic.


Hearing your roof “pop” or “crack” is common and not necessarily something to worry about. This usually happens around winter time, at night as the temperature cools. The most common reason for the popping is because the house’s components are contracting and expanding. It’s usually not serious or a reason to believe there is undue pressure on the house. If you’ve recently added an addition to the home, it will take time for the structure to settle. To be sure there’s nothing serious going on you can further examine the exterior of the roof to make sure there is no puckering or the gutters aren’t protruding from where they should be. Removing excess ice or snow will alleviate some of the noise. To further prevent the noises from becoming bothersome you can re-insulate your roof to buffer some of the change in temperature causing the popping.

Squirrels Running

If you are hearing squirrels running across your home and dropping nuts down the sides, you first have to be sure that they aren’t doing more on that roof. The worst case scenario would be that they are dwelling inside your attic. In this case you can either trap them yourself with supplies from the hardware store or hire a professional. The attic needs to be decontaminated, the insulation replaced, and any holes they’ve been entering filled afterward. If you trap them yourself, you need only drive 10 minutes from your home and safely release them. Be careful because they will bite and scratch if they come in close proximity to you. The next possible worst scenario would be that the squirrels outside are eating rotting would attached to your home. This, however, is easier to deal with. Replace the rotting wood and experience relief from the squirrels. Your local animal control facility can further assist you with questions or services. Squirrels can cause considerable damage to your home and should be addressed immediately.

Nuts Falling

In addition to squirrels are nuts falling from their little hands or trees overhanging your home. Consider trimming or removing trees that hang over the home to provide safety against the falling nuts, squirrel, and potential damage caused by storm.

Bats and Birds Nesting

The first sign of bats and birds nesting will probably be noises within the walls or above you, the roof or attic. Inspect the outside of your home to find out where they’ve gotten inside or if you are only hearing a nest that’s attached to the outside of the home somewhere. Your local wildlife agency can assist you in removal of nests or tell you how you can safely do the same. Be sure you aren’t tampering with any wildlife that is protected by law in your city or state. Once the animals are relocated, you can evaluate the damage done, decontaminate, and board up any points of entry. Chimneys are very common points of entry and it’s helpful to top your chimney with a chimney topper product meant to keep larger animals out.

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