Warning Signs: How to Avoid a Roof Collapse

How to Keep Your Roof Intact

An unexpected nightmare that may occur is a roof collapse.

This can happen at some point in time and at any given time in a year. The weight of heavy snowfall in northern areas as well as the high winds that come during spring can impact the roof. It is best to make sure that your home is well protected at all times throughout the year in order to keep it protected from a number of weather elements.

The snow related collapse is caused from the amounts of heavy snow that you get during the winter. The continuous amounts of snow at any given time can cause the roof of your home to collapse. The snow weight for one cubic foot of snow is equal to approximately 8 pounds. When the snow is compacted or pressed down, the weight becomes more and therefore can cause the roof to collapse sooner rather than later. The other forms of precipitation can also impact the roof and how soon the roof would collapse. The compounding factor is if the moisture on the roof has soaked into the roof or not.

A flat roof or a slower pitched roof is at a higher risk for accumulating a good amount of precipitation and therefore should be watched closer than a pitched roof.

There will be warning signs that you should look for when you start to notice something is not right and therefore should make a phone call to your local roofer.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you notice larger accumulations of snow:

  • Interior ceiling or exterior shingles sagging in areas.
  • Leakage that is severe or repeated.
  • Your exterior masonry is cracked.
  • A bend, ripple, or deformation in the supports of the roof or framing structure.
  • A sprinkler head is noticed to have fallen below a ceiling tile.
  • You notice a door or window has become more difficult to open and they open up on their own.
  • A bowed utility pipe or conduit at a ceiling.

If you notice any of these things you should contact your local roofer to come out and inspect your roof. There are 24 hour answering services to help answer your calls and to help when you need it.

If you keep an eye on your roof and perform regular maintenance, your roof should be well cared for and should last longer than someone who does not care for their roof.

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