What is Wind Driven Rain?

What is Wind Driven Rain?

Two of the most common elements of a huge storm passing through the area are high winds and heavy rains. If you begin to notice that there is a damp spot appearing on the ceiling in any room in your home, it could mean that there is an issue with your existing roof system. This may be the first time that this has occurred, in fact, you may have had a calmer storm earlier in the week that didn’t cause any water spots. This will leave you wondering, what is so different about this storm?

The majority of the calls we receive are customers that are concerned about leaks that have occurred after a storm that had wind driven rains. In most cases these home owners state that the roof or ceiling will have a leak during such storms but not during regular rainfall. When you consider rain falling vertically onto the roof, it will be more likely to drip off like it’s supposed to. Whereas if rain is being thrown around by the wind in a more horizontal pattern, it can force water to enter your roof in ways that you didn’t know where possible.

Wind driven rain can be dangerous for any type of roofing material and it can affect even the newest roofs that have been recently installed. It will be able to make its way past shingles, chimneys, windows, walls, skylights, siding, and more. In the event that you notice your home is being affected by wind driven rain, it’s time to call the professionals.

A qualified roofer will be able to make their way out to your property to assess your existing roof and see if there are any problem areas to take into consideration. Once they have evaluated the damage, they will devise a treatment plan to help repair the issues with your approval. Making sure that you get routine maintenance on your roof is essential to protect the integrity of your home and its structure. If a large storm passes through the area and your home experiences damage, it is imperative that you contact a roofing professional as soon as possible. This is because the longer your house remains damaged, the greater risk there is for more damage to be made. You could find yourself faced with rotting wood, mold, and extensive forms of water damage. Make sure that you call our team ahead of time to save the most time and money.

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