What Type Of Asphalt Roof Should I Opt For?

Just about the most common designs for asphalt roofing shingles have been the three-tab shingle, but architectural shingles certainly are a reliable substitute. Three of the-tab is usually a flat, single-layer shingle. Architectural shingles, also called laminate or dimensional shingles, have several layers laminated and an adhesive for improved profile and performance.

Having a House with Architectural Shingles

Styles in exterior property décor can demand roof covering designs that provide far more curb appeal to a property. The architectural shingle, having a layered, dimensional design, is normally similar to traditional cedar shake shingles with engaging colors and patterns.

Many architectural shingles are made of two shingle layers. With a laminated architectural shingle, the very best layer is cut into a saw-tooth pattern and laminated to an uncut second layer, known as the “backer” or “shim.” Design designer shingles are increasingly sought after through the property owner searching for a roof structure’s unique design.

Included Safety in Architectural Shingles

Since architectural shingles are substantially bulkier than conventional asphalt shingles, most are far more sturdy to impact.

Opt for What’s Best for your Residence and Price Range

Roof covering components safeguard your own home from inclement weather conditions while as well improving its curb appeal. If the time goes to substitute your roof, think about which asphalt shingle is best suited for both you and your property. Three-tab shingles certainly are a conventional, reliable answer. Architectural shingles provide robust functionality, a pronounced visual appeal, and a wide range of diverse colors. Explore these shingle possibilities, as well as others, on our Home Roof covering webpage.

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